Every day, thousands of Quebec women experience violence from their spouse or partner. They are beaten, raped or assaulted in different ways. Insidiously, behind closed doors, they get insulted, denigrated and experience constant control from their partner. They are slowly destroyed.

Unfortunately, their children assist too often to these aggressions. Too many are those living in terror and in fear to risk their life.

Founded in 1979, the West Island Women’s Shelter is a non-profit organization that has worked within the community for more than 38 years.

Working for a social change aimed to eliminate conjugal violence and its impacts on women and their children, we provide services that meet their needs for security, protection, information and support. Our services include a crisis line available 24/7, a temporary shelter, a second stage house, individual counselling, as well as support groups for women and children victims of conjugal violence. We also offer information sessions and training on issues concerning conjugal violence.


The Miriam Foundation helps people with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities live fulfilling lives through the life span. We are committed to raising and investing funds for 4 major entities; Miriam Home and Services (CRDITED Miriam), Gold Centre, the Lou-Greenberg Miriam Association and the See Things My Way Centre for Innovation.

The funds raised help support early clinical intervention programs, diagnosis, training for parents and professionals, leisure programs for adults, work placement and residential services.


Cure SMA Canada is the national charity supporting families affected by the disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

SMA is the #1 genetic killer of children under the age of 2, and can strike any one of any age, race or gender. SMA robs its victims of the use of their voluntary muscles. People affected have a normal level of intelligence, however, physically they are extremely weak. Cure SMA Canada offers support in many ways; newly diagnosed packages, equipment purchase assistance, information, advocacy and networking. Camps are offered every year for families who have a child affected by the disease, giving them a chance to enjoy experiences they otherwise would never get the opportunity. Cure SMA Canada also funds critical research projects, giving the incredible gift of HOPE. Thank you for supporting this organization which in turns saves lives of our affected children!